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Cask ales we produce all year round

Also available in bottle

Premium Pale Ale - 5.0%

The true taste of East Kent, this pale ale is brewed simply with pale malt and Goldings hops grown on Humphrey’s farm, just down the road. It’s fresh, hoppy, clean and bitter. Champion Beer of Britain Finalist 2017.

Colour: Gold    Bitterness: High   Sweetness: Low

Also available in bottle

Best Bitter Ale - 4.4%

A traditional Kentish Best bitter - the aroma is toffee malt and fresh green hops, the flavour is malt, hops and red berries with a full body and lingering bitter finish. Yeh.

Colour: Ruby    Bitterness: Medium/High   Sweetness: Medium

Pale Bitter Ale - 3.8%

The brewery workhorse. A simple beer brewed with Goldings hops for a little bitterness, Fuggles hops for flavour and some crystal malt for colour and body. Nice ‘n’ easy, drinks lovely.

Colour: Pale Copper    Bitterness: Medium   Sweetness: Low

Light Sunshine Ale - 4.7%

A pale ale with a clean, fresh bitterness and a gorgeous, zesty hop flavour. It used to be a summer special but is now available all year round.

Colour: Straw Gold    Bitterness: High   Sweetness: Medium

Also available in can

Amber Ale - 4.3%

A mellow, easy drinking ale brewed with a little crystal malt and a lot of Goldings hops. Nothing flash, just a very decent malty body and a balancing hop flavour.

Colour: Tangerine    Bitterness: Medium   Sweetness: Medium/Low

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Hoppy Pale Ale - 3.6%

A modern, balanced pale ale brewed with delicious, juicy US hops. One for the hopheads.

Colour: Pale    Bitterness: High   Sweetness: Low

Oyster Stout - 6.2%

Roasted barley, malted oats and Kent-grown Fuggles hops combine to create this luscious, bible-black stout. First brewed for the Eddie Gilbert seafood restaurant and now brewed in honour of its founder, our friend Jonny Dunhill.

Colour: Ruby    Bitterness: Medium/High   Sweetness: Medium

Also available in bottle


Cask ales we produce all year round

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The Ramsgate Brewery Ltd, 7 Hornet Close, Pyson’s Road Ind Est,

Broadstairs, Kent, CT10 2YD


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